TestNav for Chromebooks

We have narrowed down the TestNav issue. The chromebooks are caching an older version of the app. We pushed the new app over the new one but it didnt fully remove it. I am attaching the steps needed to get them going again.
  1. Press and hold Esc + Samsung Chromebook Refresh key + Power. A yellow exclamation point (!) is displayed.
  2. Press Ctrl + D to begin dev mode, then Enter. A red exclamation point is displayed.
  3. You will get a message about OS verification, you will need to hit SPACEBAR
  4. You will see a message about OS verification being off. press ENTER
  5. The chromebook will reboot. You will need to select the Guest network and hit Continue
  6. Hit Accept and Continue
  7. Your chromebook should be at the Enterprise Enrollment screen. Log in and the TestNav app should work. You may get an error on the first run but it will work the second time.